The Jewelry Ceremony, honoring kids in the wedding!

A jewelry ceremony is a great way to include a child or children into the wedding.  After the bride and groom exchange vows and rings, the child (or children) are called up.  The step parent presents the child (or children) with a necklace, bracelet or ring and vows their love and support to the childContinue Reading

Be in the Know……Beach Wedding Tips

  Destination Bride or local; who doesn’t love the beach?  And what better place to have a wedding! Great scenery and if you decide to marry at sunrise or sunset; then what an amazing site! But before you run out and start picking out the perfect beach spot to have your ceremony; there are something’sContinue Reading

Wedding planner not in your budget?

  You get what you pay for…..and this is no different when hiring a planner for your wedding.  A couple of things to consider; when your venue has a manager on site and says they can handle it. That sounds great and all but who is the Venue Manager working for? Not you. They workContinue Reading

Keeping Cool with Summer Weddings

Keeping Cool with Summer Weddings  Tip #1     No metal chairs…Not to sound like Mommy Dearest. Seriously they cost less but in the heat can bake your guest’s bottoms! Ouch! Don’t act like you don’t know; at some point on a HOT summer day gotten into a car with leather interior and jumped up or hesitatedContinue Reading

Charleston Wedding Planner… What could possibly go wrong?

What could possibly go wrong? Famous last words. Those are all too familiar. Have you ever said these words when it comes to planning your wedding? No? What if I said, “Do you have a planner”? You might respond, “Why do I need one, what could possibly go wrong”? LOTS! Some things I have noticedContinue Reading