Charleston Wedding Ceremonies

The ceremony is the heart and soul of your wedding day and will likely be your most personal memory of your special day!

We offer religious ceremonies, spiritual ceremonies, traditional ceremonies, Christian non-denominational ceremonies, civil ceremonies, interfaith, inter cultural, and international ceremonies.  We also perform vow renewals, gay weddings, same sex weddings, and commitment ceremonies!

Looking for information on the specialty ceremonies?  I have explained many of the specialized ceremonies such as the unity ceremonies (sand, candle, water, and wine), tree planting, butterfly release, dove release, unity cross, chord of three strands,  rose ceremony, jumping the broom, wine box ceremony, necklace ceremony, and puzzle ceremony. Of course you can contact me with any questions!

Your ceremony can be personalized with communication to leave out what is now outdated ritual and add what is heartfelt and relevant.  I create your wedding ceremony to incorporate your culture, family, religion, etc…  I never repeat the same ceremony, just as I never marry the same 2 people !!!

Gay Weddings and Commitment Ceremonies

Although the state of South Carolina will not recognize same sex marriages, Reynolds Treasures supports freedom of choice.  Gay couples receive the same respect and service as traditional couples.  We will work together on your personalized ceremony.  We will discuss family dynamics for the wedding, as well as any other sensitive requirements.  I believe in people and love, and do not look at race or sex! I would be honored and pleased to perform your gay wedding! View the Charleston City Paper Gay Marriage Issue (featuring me)!!


Second Marriage or Blended Family

We have vows which include children and make them feel involved on your special day. Smaller children may wish to participate as ring bearer, flower girl or junior bridesmaid. Sons often walk their mothers down the aisle. I also highly recommend the Unity Sand Ceremony to symbolize the Blending of the family!! A butterfly release is another great way to include the family!

The video below contains a  family unity sand ceremony!



We decided to get married during our annual family beach trip. We made the decision less than two months before the trip and I had no idea where to start. Not being from the area, I started by looking online to find someone who could perform the ceremony. I browsed many options but quickly decided to go with Reynolds Treasures because I loved the thoroughness of her website, including the calendar that showed her availability for ceremonies. I contacted her right away and got an acceptance email in less than a day. Penny was instrumental in decision making throughout the rest of the process, offering options of where the wedding could be done (we chose the beach) and ways to alter the ceremony to include my three year old son. We loved her flexibility in letting us decide exactly how we wanted the wording and feel of the ceremony to be. We decided to use Reynolds Treasures for the photography instead of paying for a professional and we couldn’t be happier with the results! The pictures and videos were outstanding! I highly recommend Reynolds Treasures to anyone looking for a great experience. Carrie and Stephen 7/3/12