Month: May 2012

The Unity Candle, Unity Sand, Wine Ceremony, and Unity Water

Whew, what a title!  But they are all about the same with minor differences.  I am a wedding officiant in Charleston, SC. I am often asked to explain the different specialized ceremonies, so figured I would blog about them! The best part about these ceremonies is that there are general guidelines, but no hard-set “rules”…. Read more »

Rose Wedding Ceremony

Being a wedding officiant in Charleston, SC, I am asked to explain the many different personalized mini-ceremonies couples can place in their ceremony.  I want to introduce the rose ceremony to you today!  During a beach elopement I held the roses until we were ready to use them.  However, it is more traditional to have… Read more »

Foot Attire for Your Beach Wedding…

To shoe or not to shoe…   That is the question! A beach wedding offers more choices when choosing what to put on your feet!  There are many styles of sandals, ranging from elegant with rhinestones or flowers, to a more casual “flip-flop”. I do not recommend heels!!  If going over a boardwalk, the heels… Read more »

A True Love Story and Military Elopement

“Ev’ry heart beats true ‘neath the Red, White and Blue” -George M. Cohan “This wasn’t the first time I spent my Sunday afternoon curled up in a chair at Barnes and Noble with a feverish cup of joe and the latest quick grab from the military section and it certainly wouldn’t have been my last…”… Read more »

Changing you name? It’s easier than you think!

Most brides decide to take their husband’s name. But how do you go about changing your name on SO many assets and documents??  Does it seem cumbersome and involved to change your last name?   Here are the steps you can take to make sure you cover all your bases. Don’t waste your money (or allow… Read more »