Month: August 2012

How to Walk Down the Aisle

Last week we discussed WHO walks the bride down the aisle.  This week we will discuss HOW to walk down the aisle! You are about to take a once-in-a-lifetime walk. All your friends and family have eagerly awaited your arrival. You are the star. You’ll want to enjoy every minute, treasure every step, and see the loving, happy faces… Read more »

Who Walks the Bride Down the Aisle

Traditionally the father walks the bride down the aisle. Brides still ask their fathers to walk them down the aisle and fathers still give their daughters away to the man standing at the altar. However, things can get a little complicated when the bride comes from a non-traditional background. What happens when a bride’s parents… Read more »

How Will You Leave Your Wedding Ceremony or Reception?

  You have planned the colors, chosen the location, went to all the tastings, found the DJ that plays the music you want, but have you thought of your exit?  Of course the theme and location should be considered.  The most common means of transportation is a limousine.  Try Charleston Limousine! Wedding Limos in Charleston… Read more »

Wedding Favors So Many Choices!!!

  As a wedding officiant in Charleston, SC, I have seen many wedding favors!  Of course, I didn’t take photos of them!  (Kicking self)  But I can tell you about some of my favorites, and share some photos I found through Pinterest and other wedding sites. One couple with a rustic themed wedding, chose potted… Read more »