Month: September 2012

Fall Wedding Ideas, Decorating, and Flowers!

This weather has me in a Fall mood.  So when I was thinking what I should blog about, it seemed natural to choose Fall wedding ideas!  Of course Pinterest is an excellent resource.  You can follow my fall wedding board here. Can you get any simpler than some hay bales, and carved pumpkins?  Throw a wedding theme… Read more »

Seating the VIP Family and the Recessional

The last blog in the “Aisle” series!  The first blog was about Who walks the bride down the aisle, while the second blog addressed How to walk down the aisle (holding the bouquet).  Last week’s blog (the third) was on the processional and setting the “stage”. The last blog I left you hanging at what… Read more »

The Processional and Other Aisle Advice

This is the 3rd blog in this series of 4 blogs about walking down the aisle. The 1st blog talked about WHO walks the bride down the aisle.  The 2nd blog discussed HOW the bride walked down the aisle (holding the bouquet, and timing).  This blog we are going to cover getting everyone else down… Read more »