Month: March 2013

Controlling Your Wedding Emotions (Tame the Bridezilla!!)

  Even the best wedding planner or best written guide cannot plan for every single thing life can throw at you.  You determine how you react to the challenges that may present themselves. Stress is unavoidable , but what you do about it is going to make all the difference.  To avoid a meltdown from… Read more »

Tree Planting Ceremony as Part of Your Wedding

Are you wanting to have a specialty ceremony but want something different?  Is nature an important part of your life?  Do you want something that will grow as your love grows over the years, and not a trinket that collects dust?  You may be interested in doing a tree planting. Let me tell you about… Read more »

Traditional Wedding Payment Responsibilities and Wedding Budget Worksheet

Ever wonder who was traditionally suppose to pay for which parts of the wedding? Of course things have changed, and many couples pay for their own wedding. There are no rules, but here are the traditional breakdowns if you want to discuss some options with both families. The Bride Wedding ring and gift for the… Read more »