Choosing a Gift for the Mother

Welcome our guest blogger Ryan Duffy.

Let’s not beat around the bush – weddings are overwhelming, especially when it comes to buying people gifts. There are so many people involved who all need to be thanked for their time and efforts in making your day special!

Yes, it’s your big day, but there are still plenty of people you need to think about. Depending on your personal circumstance, the mother of the bride is likely to have a huge role to play in your special day. Traditionally, the mother of the bride hosts the engagement party while the family of the groom hosts the rehearsal dinner.

Your mom may also act as a hostess on the wedding day, (which can give you much needed relief from the constant pressure of keeping all of your guests happy).

It is customary to say thank you for all this help in the form of a gift for your mom. Whether you spend a lot, or simply offer a small token of your appreciation, here we have a few special gift ideas she will love.

Something she can Plant
It can be tempting to simply buy flowers for everyone and call it a day, but a much more meaningful way to say thank you is with a small plant or tree that your mother can plant!  If she is a keen gardener, she will definitely appreciate the sentiment and will have something in her garden that makes her think of your special day every time she sees it!

Somewhere she can Go
While you’re jetting off on your honeymoon, your mom is likely to be at home and recovering from the months of planning. Why not say thank you to her with a special spa weekend away, so she can unwind, relax and reflect on the big day. Better than another bouquet of flowers, if you ask me.

Something she can Wear
Another lovely way to thank your mother for her time and contribution than with a personalized piece of jewelry, or a watch. Whether she loves the vintage styling of Olivia Burton or Thomas Sabo or the undeniable glamour of Gucci and Georg Jensen, asking a jeweler to add a personalized engraving will help to make the gift extra special.

Something she can Frame
If you have had a professional photographer, then it’s likely it will take a while for your wedding photographs to be ready, so why not surprise your mother with a printed photo of the two of you? Simply get one of your friends to take of a picture the two of you on your special day, and get the printed while you wait for the professional ones! Pop it in a nice frame and voila – a budget but thoughtful gift!

However you choose to thank your mom for her help, make sure she knows how much you appreciate all of her hard work and love.

Written by Reynolds Treasures