Christian Wedding Unity Cross Wedding Ceremony

The Unity Cross is a unique way to celebrate the joining of a bride and groom together as one.


This multi-piece sculpture is to be assembled during the unity service of the Christian wedding ceremony, representing the joining of two into one. The groom places the outer cross in the wood base.  The bride then places the sculpted cross inside the outer cross. The Unity Cross can be displayed in the couple’s home after the wedding ceremony as a reminder of their wedding day and the union they share.

Here is some religious wording:

The Groom places the outer Cross in the beautiful wood base as the Pastor explains how God created man- Bold, Strong, the Defender of the Family yet how he is empty and incomplete without the woman. The Bride then places the more delicate cross inside of the Grooms cross as the Pastor explains how God created Woman- Delicate, multi-faceted, taking care of all of the little things that completes the man, and the -Two become One. The Bride and Groom then use the 3 golden pegs to lock the union(cross) together in the name of the Father, and the Son, and the Holy Spirit as the pastor exclaims that: What God has brought together let no man take apart. 

One of my couples wanted the children involved: The bride and groom assembled their portion, and then the bride’s two children each put in a post, and the groom’s son put in the third post to complete the cross.  They had the children come up in order of oldest to youngest.  I had wording that said they were a new family and part of the union.

Written by Penny Reynolds

December 6, 2012

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