Fall Wedding Ideas, Decorating, and Flowers!

This weather has me in a Fall mood.  So when I was thinking what I should blog about, it seemed natural to choose Fall wedding ideas!  Of course Pinterest is an excellent resource.  You can follow my fall wedding board here.

Can you get any simpler than some hay bales, and carved pumpkins?  Throw a wedding theme at it like the photo above with “I do” carved or painted.  Here’s an idea, have the grooms last name on a large pumpkin on the tallest part of the stacked hay, and the “I do” on one side, and the date on the other.  What a gorgeous photo that would make!  You wouldn’t see that in every wedding book!  Many ideas can stem (pun intended) from this one idea!

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Above are some centerpiece ideas.  Hollow out the pumpkin turning it into a bowl.  you can add ice and drinks to that!  You can add flowers to it.  Using the small pumpkins, add a candle ring and candle for a cute display!  Decorate a lantern with fall foliage and a candle!  Take a clear glass vase, color the water an orange or pumpkin shade, and place fall flowers in the vases.

Decorate your aisle at the ceremony site, or a pathway to the reception!

I love seeing the orange, yellow and deep reds of fall in the bridal bouquet!  Succulents add character and the green on the bottom 2 bouquets.

Fall wedding favors…  The hollowed out small pumpkin with marigolds!  How cute!  I think I would add some yellow to the flowers and have more of a mix in color, but that’s me.  The leaf bookmarks (or bottle openers, etc…) is a nice touch for the guest to remember.  Edible favors are very popular!  Candy or caramel apples is a cute idea.  Trail mix in a cute jar.  My favorite has to be the jelly bean pumpkin in top though!!  I can see that really making an impression on your guests!

What’s a wedding without cake?  Here are some beautiful cakes.  And how should you leave your fall wedding?  I vote for a tractor hay ride!!!

You can never go wrong incorporating the natural beauty of nature into your wedding and reception!

Take a moment to follow me on Pinterest, and leave a comment below with some ideas you have come up with for fall decorating!!



~Reynolds Treasures~

Fall candy bar?  🙂

Written by Andrea