How to Pick a Theme for your Wedding

Welcome our guest blogger Katie Jones from Orla James.

You had a beautiful engagement with the ring to prove it! It’s now time to gear up for the wedding. Every couple wants the perfect wedding. But how does one prepare a perfect wedding – there’s so much to do! Katie Jones from Orla James advises that one way to tackle this issue is to decide and plan well in advance. Planning and organizing go a long way in ensuring everything goes off without a hitch.

One of the most important aspects of maintaining symmetry and form throughout your wedding (from stationery to the reception) is the wedding theme. But how does one go about deciding a theme? What are the things one should remember while selecting a wedding theme?

Let us help you in picking a theme for your wedding:

Choose the date and season:

It’s imperative to finalize a date for the wedding before you decide on a theme. Also, take into account the season you will be choosing. If you are happy with a June wedding, then you can choose a theme accordingly – fresh flowers, sparkling wine, pastel dresses, garden wedding, beach wedding, and so on. A winter wedding can be paired with dark undertones, or a luxurious wedding theme to show off the chill in the air – pair a winter wedding with red wine, cinnamon cupcakes, and so on. The choices are limitless!

Select the wedding venue:

Select a wedding venue according to budget and style. Once done, select what colors you and your fiancé like. Make a selection and choose which ones best suit the wedding venue and the season that the wedding is in. If it is a beach wedding, then a slightly casual beach theme with flip-flops, champagne, blue, and gold colors would go well with the overall venue and season. Similarly, a vineyard wedding would be ideal with purples, reds, wine (white and red) and so on. Always turn to nature when thinking of the theme – the best inspiration for your wedding theme is invariably right in front of you.

Personalize the theme:

Once you both have decided the venue, season, and colors of the wedding, it’s now time to decide which personal aspects you both would like in your wedding. No wedding is complete without reflecting the personalities and uniqueness of the bride and the groom – after all, you both are tying the knot because you have a lot in common with each other. Let these shared passions reflect your wedding theme as a showcase to your guests and loved ones. Always remember, you will cherish these memories for a lifetime, so make it count!

Consider your heritage:

Another aspect many couples fail to consider is the joint heritage of their families. If you are family oriented and want to have something of your ancestors in your wedding, then you could consult elders in your families and adopt some of their customs and traditions into your wedding theme – think of the movie ‘My Big Fat Greek Wedding’! In Jewish, Italian, or Indian weddings, the theme that is most prominent is heritage and culture. If you and you fiancé are interested, you could have a joint heritage theme or could add a few aspects of your heritage in some of your ceremonies. This way you are showing your uniqueness while honoring your customs and traditions.

Take inspiration:

If you’re still unsure about your wedding theme, you could start gathering inspiration around you. If you have attended weddings previously, you could consider some parts of the themes used. Likewise, if you have attended a wedding where you haven’t liked anything, think about the theme and what you do not want to incorporate. Sometimes, knowing what you don’t want, helps in narrowing down what you do want. You could also consider Pinterest, browse wedding planner websites, check out some themes with your bridesmaids, or simply observe a wedding theme next time you happen to stumble across a wedding.

Many times, brides and grooms make a mood board out of pictures they like in weddings. Once you have an idea about your joint likes and dislikes, see what’s common amongst all the pictures you both have liked. Invariably, this will help in selecting colors, floral arrangements, dresses, gowns, suits, food and so on.

Your wedding theme is bound to be gorgeous. Take a deep breath and discuss everything with your fiance. Remember, the whole point of having a theme is to have fun and enjoy your wedding. No matter what you decide, ensure it makes the both of you happy.

Written by Reynolds Treasures