Charleston Wedding Gardens

Gardens and Courtyards

The Heart Garden

NOV_4075Elopements and Intimate ceremoniesNOV_4064

Rent for $200

Private Garden

Information and photos

Located downtown Charleston.

No chairs or decorations. Package recommended: Elopement and Intimate.

More courtyards and gardens coming soon!!  We have elopement packages set up with the Thomas Bennet House, French Quarter Inn, and Harbourview Inn.

87fd3c029cd5bda667e4515910ef2741Penny, Trey, and Reynolds Treasures are nothing short of amazing! When my husband and I decided to do a small private ceremony on the beach in Charleston, I thought our marriage would end before it ever began! Haha. “Lets go to the beach and get married” he said. “It will be easy” he said. I thought, “He has NO idea how hectic planning a wedding is. Let alone, planning a wedding in a city 6 hours away!” Penny and her crew put all of those fears to rest in an instant. She immediately took the reigns and made everything perfect. Down to the very last detail. I just showed up and looked pretty. The thing I liked best about the whole experience was that I feel like my best friend was 6 hours away planning my wedding for me. A best friend would make every effort to make your wedding day the most beautiful day of your life and thats what Penny did. I didnt just have a wedding planner in Charleston. I had someone who did the wedding exactly how I wanted it and even added special details I never could have imagined.  I can’t thank Reynolds Treasures enough for their hard work! Ashley 8/8/15