Six Pence in Your Shoe????

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Something old, something new….
Everyone knows “something old, something new, something borrowed, something
blue”, but few are aware of the last line – “and a silver sixpence in your shoe”.
Something Old... This is thought to refer to the Bride’s old life and her family.
Though she is signifying leaving them behind by wearing something old, she is
showing that she still remembers them. Also thought to be linking her to the other
women in her family by carrying one of their heirloom possessions.

Something New… Wearing something new represents the hopeful success and
good fortune in the Bride’s new life. Also thought to represent fertility of the mind
and of the relationship.

Earrings by 9Muse Designs

Something Borrowed... Borrowing an item already worn by a happy Bride is
believed to pass on the good luck. You can also borrow from anyone special to
you if you follow the supposition that the act of borrowing signifies a support
group in times of need.

Something Blue… Blue is a sign of purity and of good health. This follows the
long tradition of Brides being pure on their wedding day and their commitment to
their future husbands.

Some ideas for “Blue”

And A Silver Sixpence… This represents wealth – not just financial wealth, but
spiritual wealth, happiness and good luck throughout their married life. sometimes
represented in the pagan traditions by Flax, Fodder and Food. Signs of abundance.
For those living in the USA, a sixpence is a silver coin about the size of a dime.


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Written by Andrea