Start Planning Your Wedding with Your Wedding Vision!

The first step in planning your wedding is discovering your wedding vision! You have been envisioning your wedding since you were a child. In your mind is a vague picture of what it will look like. So let’s expose that picture, and fine tune it until it represents both you and your fiancé!  Once you have an idea of what you want, you will be able to discuss it with vendors, and recognize it when you see it! So here is a series of questions to guide you through this process.  During this part, I don’t want you to think of budget.  Just be creative during this first step of coordinating your wedding!

Wedding Vision Questions

  1.  Where is your wedding? Church, beach, park, historic home, plantation, or family home?
  2. Is it during the day or in the evening?
  3. Do you want it formal or informal?
  4. How many guests will attend?
  5. What style wedding dress are you wearing?
  6. Are you in flats? Heels? Stilettos?
  7. What is the groom wearing?
  8. What are the colors of your bridesmaid’s dresses? What style?
  9. How many Bridesmaids and Groomsmen ?
  10. Do you have a ring bearer? Flower girl?
  11. What color and type of flowers are you holding?
  12. What is the tone of your ceremony? Is there humor? Is it romantic?
  13. Do you want your guests to participate in the ceremony?
  14. Is the ceremony religious, spiritual, or secular?
  15. Male or Female performing the ceremony?
  16. Who is giving you away?
  17. Are you planning a specialty ceremony like unity sand/candle? Butterfly release? Other?
  18. How is the ceremony area/aisle decorated?
  19. What special song do you want to walk down the aisle to?
  20. What is the décor at your reception? What colors and fabrics do you see?
  21. Do you have a tiered cake or cupcakes? What flavors are they?
  22. Do the ceremony and reception take place at the same location?
  23. What type of food will be at the reception? Will it be served or buffet style?
  24. Do you have a DJ or band?
  25. How will you leave the reception?

Once you have the ideal wedding on paper, you then can go back to being practical and deal with things like the budget.  But knowing your vision, will help you make decisions.  You need to have the overall picture of your wedding day so you can establish priorities, and allocate your money.  Starting with the wedding vision is not only fun, but the best first step when planning your wedding!

Stay tuned for more information!!

Written by: Penny Reynolds


Written by Andrea